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Somali Pirates Die Under Mysterious Circumstances after Hijacking Iranian “Merchant Ship”

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From The Times, Johannesburg, S.A.
By Andrew Donaldson
Sept. 28, 2008

A tense standoff has developed in waters off Somalia over an Iranian merchant ship laden with a mysterious cargo that was hijacked by pirates.
Somali pirates suffered skin burns, lost hair and fell gravely ill “within days” of boarding the MV Iran Deyanat. Some of them died.
Andrew Mwangura, the director of the East African Seafarers’ Assistance Programme, told the Sunday Times: “We don’t know exactly how many, but the information that I am getting is that some of them had died. There is something very wrong about that ship.”
The vessel’s declared cargo consists of “minerals” and “industrial products”. But officials involved in negotiations over the ship are convinced that it was sailing for Eritrea to deliver small arms and chemical weapons to Somalia’s Islamist rebels.
The drama over the Iran Deyanat comes as speculation grew this week about whether the South African Navy would send a vessel to join the growing multinational force in the region.
A naval spokesman, Lieutenant-Commander Greyling van den Berg, told the Sunday Times that the navy had not been ordered by the government to become involved in “the Somali pirate issue”.
About 22000 ships a year pass through the Suez Canal and the Gulf of Aden, where regional instability and “no-questions-asked” ransom payments have led to a dramatic rise in attacks on vessels by heavily armed Somali raiders in speedboats.
The Iran Deyanat was sailing in those waters on August 21, past the Horn of Africa and about 80 nautical miles southeast of Yemen, when it was boarded by about 40 pirates armed with AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades. They were alleged members of a crime syndicate said to be based at Eyl, a small fishing village in northern Somalia.
The ship is owned and operated by the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines, or IRISL, a state-owned company run by the Iranian military.
According to the US Treasury Department, the IRISL regularly falsifies shipping documents to hide the identity of end users, uses generic terms to describe shipments and operates under various covers to circumvent United Nations sanctions.

FULL STORY LINK: Pirates die strangely after taking Iranian Ship


A Barack Obama Presidency… The Media Fix is a GO!

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While the following doesn’t surprise me (it’s kind of obvious that the media worships at the altar of Obama), it is very disturbing to know that objectivity in the media is close to being a thing of the past.

Pajamas Media reports that one of it’s readers who works in a major news room emailed this…

“Off the record, every suspicion you have about MSM being in the tank for O is true. We have a team of 4 people going thru dumpsters in Alaska and 4 in arizona. Not a single one looking into Acorn, Ayers or Freddiemae. Editor refuses to publish anything that would jeopardize election for O, and betting you dollars to donuts same is true at NYT, others. People cheer when CNN or NBC run another Palin-mocking but raising any reasonable inquiry into obama is derided or flat out ignored. The fix is in, and its working.”

Isn’t this unethical? Or did they not take ethics classes in journalism college?? oh, I’m sorry – I forget I was talking about people who have been trained by college professors to think like socialist democrats.

Not since witnessing one of Olbermann’s famous conniption fits have I felt this nauseated…

Olbermann having a fit?? Naaaaaahhhhh….
Olbermann Throws Fit At Russert Memorial

Dave Ramsey’s Common Sense Fix – A Common Sense Approach on How to Help Our Economy Regain It’s Footing and Do It Right This Time.

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To some it will seem simplistic, but to many it will make perfect sense.

Dave Ramsey, financial guru to the debt-ridden masses, has some advice for the Lawmakers in Washington… and it will cost a HECK-uv-a-lot less than $700 billion.

Read his Common Sense Fix here:
Dave Ramsey’s Common Sense Fix PDF

Be sure and also check out Dave’s page, 3 Steps to Change Our Nation’s Future.

Dave Ramsey is a personal money management expert, an extremely popular national radio personality and best-selling author of The Total Money Makeover. In his latest book, a follow-up of his enormously successful New York Times best-sellers Financial Peace and More Than Enough, Ramsey exemplifies his life’s work of teaching others how to be financially responsible, so they can acquire enough wealth to take care of loved ones, live prosperously into old age, and give generously to others.

Bailout – View The Vote… who voted for or against the Bailout

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Want to know if your representative voted for or against the Federal Bailout Bill?

HERE is the official complete roll call vote for the Bailout Bill.

Dow Plummets 777 points… but believe it or not, panic is not the answer

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It looks like the bailout bill went down in flames today…

Okay – I know that it looks really bad. And if you are retired, it could mean you’ve lost thousands of dollars from your retirement accounts.

However… and I’m not the smartest person I know…

But this could actually be a good opportunity to do even better by buying into the stock market now… or maybe in a couple of days when it’s had a chance to get to the bottom and given the Democrats a moment to reconsider trying to manipulate the public into thinking this is not their fault.

Pelosi accused the Bush administration today, blaming everyone but those actually responsible for so-called fiscal irresponsibility (failed whatever blah blah blah) as being the main reason for this financial crisis (when there is plenty of evidence to the contrary…) and then in the same day decried partisanship for the House rebelling against the bailout – when no taxpayer I know wants to have to pay for someone else’s fiscal irresponsibility. Hey – didn’t I already mention fiscal irresponsibility? I did, didn’t I?

Well, of course we all know that the reason that the House rebelled is because of Pelosi’s huge, open, flapping mouth. She’s talking and she can’t shut up. If there is anyone being partisan here, it’s Pelosi and Pelosi alone…

She’s just mad that her dead and now bloated cash cow is stinking and rotting in the burning hot remnants of the Summer of 2008.

The PRIMARY reason the Dow plummeted so drastically today is – Fear.

Not because the market couldn’t handle a big failure or because there was anything wrong with all the other businesses listed on the DOW and other markets. But because people were scared and PANICKED.

What is going on with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and how the government is handling is basically is their own fault. If one will just refer to the following links:

You Tube – Fannie Mae Freddi Mac Hearings – Dems defend them saying there is no crisis

Who’s Really Responsible for the Present Financial Crisis

Community Reinvestment Act


As you can see, it all started with the Carter Administration, but blew up after the Clinton Administration pressured Fannie Mae to do exactly what they ended up doing – doing away with restrictive (and pesky) credit requirements for obtaining mortgages for people who might not otherwise be able to afford a home…

So, now we know there was a reason they could not afford those homes… because they were not responsible and basically defaulted on loans they promised to pay. Sometimes on purpose… but sometimes not.

Now, I’m far from being rich. We pretty much live paycheck to paycheck. But if I default on a loan, by golly – that’s my own problem. Not your problem. Fortunately I haven’t gone without paying my mortgage, although with gas prices like they are I’ve come pretty close. But guess what I’m planing on doing with my retirement account? I’m going to make sure I take advantage of the lower market and BUY MORE STOCK once this “crisis” is over – and it will be over once Congress (or rather the Democrats) decides to quit sneaking in earmarks in emergency bills.

Oh, yes. Earmarks. Big ones. And they didn’t want the public to know about them. They didn’t even want to Republicans to be able to find them which is why they tried to rush the vote through and not allow conservative republicans to even see the earmarks, but not republicans like R.I.N.O’s like Corker – my state senator.

One rather large earmark was for ACORN – an activist organization that has been investigated for VOTER FRAUD… They did everything but glean names from the Dead Sea Scrolls for their voter registration drives. Did the Democrats think ACORN would thank them by adding more fake voters on the rolls?

They’ve got another thing coming.

I’m willing to ride this very high and hazardous wave out… sometimes the most dangerous rides become the best ones.

So now that the bill is dead and they can go back to the drawing board, they need to listen to Dave Ramsey and don’t place this on the shoulders of the American Taxpayer – they need to grab these lending institutions by the scruff of the neck and let them know in no uncertain terms they cannot continue their reckless and greedy behavior. They need to be under the watchful eye of NOT an unaccountable person who can do whatever they want – but under a regulatory body (and diverse group of people NOT involved in the institutions themselves) who are appointable and UNAPPOINTABLE… in other words, people that can be FIRED. Like Donald Trump does – “you’re FIRED.” with that little hand gesture he makes. That’s a cool gesture.

I hope someone in congress is listening. Get to work… I mean real work. Not that self-serving thing that usually goes on in Washingtomb. But hurry…

Interesting Media Relationships with Fannie Mae and Michael Chertoff?

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I found a post this morning that I thought I’d share with you…

Why I didn’t even notice this before I’ll never know. Maybe it’s just my usual complete disinterest in the media’s personal lives. But as I found out recently, White House correspondent and now NBC/MSNBC anchor David Gregory’s wife has had an interesting career. A lawyer, Beth Wilkinson also has been employed by the Clintons… and now it seems she works for a company that’s been in the news a lot lately. Or at least she DID work for Fannie Mae until September 19th, when she tendered her resignation as the U.S. Government took the falling giant over.

So I started to try and gather a little more about her and…

The post title that really got my attention was this one:

RUBBING SHOULDERS! Gregory threw a baby shower. But why was Chertoff there?

Indeed. I wondered that, too. Now I know.

Will we ever get any fair media coverage from NBC/MSNBC??

(Just in case they take the page down now that she doesn’t work there anymore… I’ll include the info from the page on the new “Interesting Relationships” page I am about to create on this site.)

$700 Billion Bailout Bill… vote without reading it? Seriously??

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I’m sitting here listening to a news report and… apparently the authors of the bailout want our representatives to vote on it without reading it… ??? Seriously?? Good grief.

Paulson presented a four page agreement to lawmakers and expected that they just vote on it. In that agreement, Paulson was given complete control of oversight of the program.


After lawmakers got hold of it, it turned into a more than 100 page bill… I wonder what kind of perks were stuck in there. I heard ACORN mentioned as a recipient of some of the money… the other day, not in this segment.

They wanted 5 specific people to be in charge of oversite… problem is, those people already have full time jobs.

Here’s another huge problem in the bill – the “golden parachute” remains for those company officers that are still employed at the time of the signing. It is only seriously cut away if a new officer is put in the place of the old one.


Okay I’m just thinking out loud, but this is not good. STILL not good.

Dave Ramsey suggested that instead of a bailout, they need to make it an insurance issue where the loans are insured under FDIC and act like a conventional loan. That is a much better deal than the one these politicians are coming up with and it won’t cost the taxpayer (me and you) anything.

Seriously. I like that one.