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White Trash Vote?? Paw, Git Yur Shotgun…

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David Warren of the Ottawa Citizen spoke to Greta Van Sustern about a viciously crude article by Heather Mallick, a Canadian columnist for the CBC. In the article, Mallick spewed that McCain picked Palin to “sew up the White Trash vote”, and called Republican men “sexually inadequate” – like she would know. I guess she must have slept with a whole lot of sexually inadequate Republicans… also known as Canadian Liberal Wimps. Mallick also compared Palin to a “toned down version of a porn star”. So now we know she also watches a lot of porn. Perhaps she could get some professional help for that.

Warren stated that there are, in fact, very few conservative columnists employed in Canada, most of whom had already been hauled before the “Human Rights Tribunal” for alleged violations for writing articles that were interpreted as hateful because of their articles’ content… homosexuality and other controversial subjects… while liberal columnists suffer no such humiliation for their speech… no surprise there considering Canada is a Socialist country which bows to the Queen. (Off with their heads!)

While her “column” might be considered an opinion piece, one must take into consideration that the website she writes for (CBC) is paid for by Canadian taxpayers… so much for journalistic integrity or objective, non-partisan reporting. Perhaps she’s taken a lesson or two from our own beloved American mainstream leftist media. Che Guevera would be so proud… (snif*) (“In fact, if Christ himself stood in my way, I, like Nietzsche, would not hesitate to squish him like a worm” Che Guevara 1928-1967)

Don’t let Ms. Mallick’s appearance fool you – she might sport a lovely hair-don’t and then drape herself with opalescent pearls… but she’s no lady.

The venom with which this article was written just exposes the elite mindset that permeates the media and the left – they cannot abide an actual, NORMAL woman coming into a position of power where she might influence the rest of the nation’s women (and most pointedly, the nation’s younger and more impressionable girls) with her reasonable views on life and the opinion that the role that our government really ought to have is to work for the people and not just for special interest groups…


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