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Obama and Ayers… Their radical effects still linger

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If you’ve never heard of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC), it’s because Barack Obama conveniently forgot to include it in his two autobiographies as a significant part of his executive experience. Or should I say, experience in spreading their radical leftist agenda.

Are they keeping all this “experience” to themselves? No way – they wanted to share it with the next generation – at taxpayer expense. Coming to an educational institution near you….

LINK: Obama and Ayers Pushed Radicalism On Schools.

So, here’s a man who is running for president, who as recently as 2001 worked closely in an organization with leftist radical Bill Ayers, a radical domestic terrorist, the same man who hosted the first fundraiser to get Obama elected to the Illinios State Senate – and we don’t think this is going to make it difficult for Obama to get a top level security clearance?

The effects of the Ayers style of radicalization can now be seen in our nation’s schools lead by teachers who also carry a liberal agenda in their hip pockets and purses to indoctrinate students entrusted to them by unsuspecting parents who dutifully pay their taxes that pay for the radicalization of their children.


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