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University of Mass. offers college credits for campaigning for Obama??

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This kind of incident is always what I think about when I hear a naive young person tell me Universities are unbiased in regard to politics…


So what about the much ballyhooed “separation of church and state” that so many liberals howl about when conservative Christians try and get their voices heard in the political arena? And here’s a Chaplain asking students at the University he’s employed by (probably paid for with taxpayer dollars in some way) to pound the pavement for his candidate courtesy of “an unnamed sponsor” from the university’s History Department.

So much for an education free of political bias.

(Thanks to The College Republican National Committee for the link. Be sure and visit their if you’d like to be part of the fight against liberal brainwashing in the nation’s institutions of higher education… I’ll probably add more information about them later on.)


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  1. […] Isn’t this unethical? Or did they not take ethics classes in journalism college?? oh, I’m sorry – I forget I was talking about people who have been trained by college professors to think like socialist democrats. […]

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