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Dow Plummets 777 points… but believe it or not, panic is not the answer

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It looks like the bailout bill went down in flames today…

Okay – I know that it looks really bad. And if you are retired, it could mean you’ve lost thousands of dollars from your retirement accounts.

However… and I’m not the smartest person I know…

But this could actually be a good opportunity to do even better by buying into the stock market now… or maybe in a couple of days when it’s had a chance to get to the bottom and given the Democrats a moment to reconsider trying to manipulate the public into thinking this is not their fault.

Pelosi accused the Bush administration today, blaming everyone but those actually responsible for so-called fiscal irresponsibility (failed whatever blah blah blah) as being the main reason for this financial crisis (when there is plenty of evidence to the contrary…) and then in the same day decried partisanship for the House rebelling against the bailout – when no taxpayer I know wants to have to pay for someone else’s fiscal irresponsibility. Hey – didn’t I already mention fiscal irresponsibility? I did, didn’t I?

Well, of course we all know that the reason that the House rebelled is because of Pelosi’s huge, open, flapping mouth. She’s talking and she can’t shut up. If there is anyone being partisan here, it’s Pelosi and Pelosi alone…

She’s just mad that her dead and now bloated cash cow is stinking and rotting in the burning hot remnants of the Summer of 2008.

The PRIMARY reason the Dow plummeted so drastically today is – Fear.

Not because the market couldn’t handle a big failure or because there was anything wrong with all the other businesses listed on the DOW and other markets. But because people were scared and PANICKED.

What is going on with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and how the government is handling is basically is their own fault. If one will just refer to the following links:

You Tube – Fannie Mae Freddi Mac Hearings – Dems defend them saying there is no crisis

Who’s Really Responsible for the Present Financial Crisis

Community Reinvestment Act


As you can see, it all started with the Carter Administration, but blew up after the Clinton Administration pressured Fannie Mae to do exactly what they ended up doing – doing away with restrictive (and pesky) credit requirements for obtaining mortgages for people who might not otherwise be able to afford a home…

So, now we know there was a reason they could not afford those homes… because they were not responsible and basically defaulted on loans they promised to pay. Sometimes on purpose… but sometimes not.

Now, I’m far from being rich. We pretty much live paycheck to paycheck. But if I default on a loan, by golly – that’s my own problem. Not your problem. Fortunately I haven’t gone without paying my mortgage, although with gas prices like they are I’ve come pretty close. But guess what I’m planing on doing with my retirement account? I’m going to make sure I take advantage of the lower market and BUY MORE STOCK once this “crisis” is over – and it will be over once Congress (or rather the Democrats) decides to quit sneaking in earmarks in emergency bills.

Oh, yes. Earmarks. Big ones. And they didn’t want the public to know about them. They didn’t even want to Republicans to be able to find them which is why they tried to rush the vote through and not allow conservative republicans to even see the earmarks, but not republicans like R.I.N.O’s like Corker – my state senator.

One rather large earmark was for ACORN – an activist organization that has been investigated for VOTER FRAUD… They did everything but glean names from the Dead Sea Scrolls for their voter registration drives. Did the Democrats think ACORN would thank them by adding more fake voters on the rolls?

They’ve got another thing coming.

I’m willing to ride this very high and hazardous wave out… sometimes the most dangerous rides become the best ones.

So now that the bill is dead and they can go back to the drawing board, they need to listen to Dave Ramsey and don’t place this on the shoulders of the American Taxpayer – they need to grab these lending institutions by the scruff of the neck and let them know in no uncertain terms they cannot continue their reckless and greedy behavior. They need to be under the watchful eye of NOT an unaccountable person who can do whatever they want – but under a regulatory body (and diverse group of people NOT involved in the institutions themselves) who are appointable and UNAPPOINTABLE… in other words, people that can be FIRED. Like Donald Trump does – “you’re FIRED.” with that little hand gesture he makes. That’s a cool gesture.

I hope someone in congress is listening. Get to work… I mean real work. Not that self-serving thing that usually goes on in Washingtomb. But hurry…


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