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If I Were President… a Video “commentary” of sorts.

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Looking back at all the elections I’ve voted in, many things come to mind, such as the difference between government as a servant of the people, and government as a savior for all life’s problems.

The government of the people, for the people and by the people is supposed to be based in the Constitution. That document is our foundation and the basis for the principles of limited government. It says nothing about the government being anybody’s sugar daddy – it doesn’t support handouts or bailouts. It doesn’t make promises it can’t keep.

This video was done back in the 90’s, but the message is still relevant today. Enjoy!


The REAL History of the Democratic Party – from the National Black Republican Association

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How many school children know that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a registered Republican? Not many, I’d wager. How many school children would understand the racist roots of the Democratic party? Again, don’t bet on it.

More than a few years ago I was given some of the contents from a trunk that had remained shut since the early 1900’s, and inside were some pretty interesting items. But the most interesting item to me was the small stack of Texas Democratic ballots I found that had the certification saying, “I pledge that I am a white democrat…”

So, if you weren’t white, you couldn’t use the ballot. I still have those ballots. They belonged to a rich, white man who has a park named after him in Texas. I knew his family… as far as I know, they remain democrats to this day.

Here is a You Tube video from the National Black Republican Association, lead by Francis Rice. It contains information that many black democrats are more than likely unaware of.

Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.

Will Obama make us vulnerable to attack by hostile nations?

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You decide on November 4th.

Ayers Admits Anarchist and Marxist Views just days before a conference with State Senator Barack Obama in 2002

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Barack Obama and Bill Ayers had a long association, but why should we care? Do you hang around people that you not only don’t agree philosophically with, but people who HATE the government of your country? People who are advocating anarchy and Marxism? You really shouldn’t… ESPECIALLY not while you are a State Senator… Unless you are the untouchable Barack Obama.

In this video, Ayers openly admits anarchist and marxist views, and states, “I’m very open about what I think, and nobody here is surprised by what I think…

It matters very much who Barack Obama chose to associate with. For the same reason your mother didn’t want you to hang around with “those kids” in the neighborhood, we shouldn’t want our future president to have been in “bad company”…

Stop being deceived: “Wicked friends lead to evil ends.”
(1 Corinthians 15:33 International Standard Version (C) 2008)

REPORT: Non-English Speaking “Voters” in Tennessee can only say One English Word: Obama. No ID Needed…

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(This report is incomplete as of 10-17-08)

There are now reports of suspicious voting activity (possible fraudulent) going on in some counties in the Nashville, Tennessee (Davidson County and Williamson County areas). The reports are that busloads of non-English speaking people are being taken to polls around Davidson County and poll workers are allegedly not asking for the required Tennessee ID.

The law in Tennessee for someone to come in and vote says:

You must show a valid ID to vote.

A voter must ask for assistance to get assistance in the voting booth. Their “assistant” CANNOT ask for them.

The assistant is ONLY allowed to assist a blind, physically disabled, or illiterate.
Voters are NOT allowed to ask for a translator.

To ask for assistance, the voter must be able to ask for it in English himself and he must be DISABLED.

Once all these requirements have been met, a voter may take an assistant with them into the voting booth. The voter must be the one to push the buttons unless they are physically incapable of doing so.

The law is in place for the protection of the voter, otherwise someone could coerce or bribe a non-English speaking person to vote in a partisan manner.

Apparently, the voters in question cannot even ask for help in English, indicating a possible illegal status. The poll workers are allegedly NOT asking for their ID’s for verification of their eligibility to vote. And the “assistants” are telling the poll workers FOR the person voting that they need help.

If the reports are true, then federal election law is being broken at this time at the polls…

It was not reported who was taking the “voters” to the polls.

If they are not asking for ID’s from the voter, then this may indicate that the voter could be in this country illegally.

In my county (just south of where this is happening), or at least in my precinct, this would never be allowed. I know – I work the polls during elections in my precinct. I know if it does this year, I’m definitely going to be doing some shouting about it to someone…

One person called in to a local talk show and said when he was working the poll one year a woman became very indignant with them when they wouldn’t allow her to vote for her sister, who was comatose at the time… the woman threatened to “call their superiors”, and so they handed her a piece of paper with the number on it and said, “Please, be our guest.” (Maybe she moved to Ohio after that… it’s easier to vote for your comatose sister there.)

Obama-Bot Terminator Machine Takes Aim At Joe The Plumber – Obama’s Tax Plan Completely Ignored

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The Obama campaign was so incensed about “Joe the Plumber” exposing Barack Obama’s socialistic agenda for his adminstration that they’ve begun the chase… but Joe’s not running away from this hypocritical crowd, even though they are doing to him now exactly what they decry in others – invading his privacy.

So far, the Obama-Bots have “uncovered” that Joe owes back taxes on his home, they’ve tried to dig into his divorce papers, they’ve investigated his plumbing career, and before we know it, they’ll probably corner his kid and start grilling him for information, too.

But then, this is how the Obama-Bot Truth Squads work.

So the same party that loves the “right to privacy” SOoooooo darn much that they’ll allow millions of children to be sacrificed on the altar of convenience… uh, er, PRIVACY… now wants to know the minutest detail of Joe’s life, love and how he earns his living. Why not also require the poor man let you give him a colonoscopy to check for his plumbing contractor license cheat notes?

All because Joe asked Obama a simple question about his tax plan.

It’s really not that he asked the question – it’s that Obama told him the answer, and what his answer WAS that bothers me the most.

According to Steven Malanga of Real Clear Markets, he thinks that taxing those who seem more well off to “spread the wealth around”, as Obama so glibly put it, will be a disincentive for business owners and the inventive minds to contribute too much of their efforts toward our society as a whole. After all, they’re just going to be penalized for it in the end…

Malanga notes in a September 3rd, 2008 article, “… as fascinating as the discussion has become, we seem to be drifting away from the important question of what impact do taxes have on work and productivity (and hence the economy), especially among our most industrious and innovative citizens–those whom Ayn Rand once said powered the “motor of the world”…”

It is these citizens who provide many of the jobs in this nation, through smaller companies which employ fewer employees than their larger competitors. But though they employ less people per business, they also provide a very large chunk of Americans with jobs, which keep all of us ‘bottom dwellers’ (me included) with lights on and food in the freezer and a roof over our heads.

Tax our employers at a higher rate than they already are taxed, thus increasing their outgo and decreasing their ability to expand, do repairs, do upgrades, and give incentives, and what do you think will happen?

Yup, you guessed it. They’ll either have to cut your pay, or they’ll have to cut your job in order to not have to pass on the cost to the consumer. OR they’ll have to pass on the cost to the consumer…

So, which sounds better to you – lower pay or higher prices on consumer goods?

But you’ll get a really nice “tax refund” (welfare check) once a year after you file your returns.
That is, if you have any income to report.

Good luck with that.

The larger companies will get taxed at a higher rate and guess what will happen then? They’ll either feel forced to send their business operations overseas, OR in order to avoid having to increase their prices to consumers, scores of employees jobs will be forfeit.

So, while Obama’s “tax relief” may sound great on the surface, you need to know what it is and what it isn’t.

I’ve always gotten a pretty good tax return check back every year, if I handle my finances well and file the right way and take all the deductions that are legally available for me. It’s not tax relief if you effectively don’t have any income tax liability – If the wealth the government DOES collect is given to someone who doesn’t HAVE any tax liability, (like me), then it’s wealth redistribution – or in other words… GOVERNMENT WELFARE.

Now is that really fair? I don’t think so. Regardless of if Joe owes back taxes, or has his plumber’s license yet, or why he got a divorce… Joe the Plumber is right – That’s socialism.

Oh, say it ain’t so, Joe.

If you want to know what your tax “return” will be, fill in your general info here:
Obama Tax Cut Calculator.

This calculator is provided by The Tax Policy Center, an independent, non-partisan group.


Obama keeps trying to get people riled about the financial mess we’re in by asking you, “Who’s been running things for the last 8 years?”

Want to blame someone for the financial crisis we’re in?

Check out my other article on this subject (with You Tube video so you can see and hear for yourself who you should really be mad at!):

Republican Hearings on Illegal Book Keeping of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2004.

How would Barack Obama Fix the economy other than taxing the crap out of our bosses? Take a look at another proposal he recently… uh, proposed.

(Be sure to visit the links provided in the article above… otherwise you won’t know what I’m talking about! Have a good day – Sincerely, The Administrator.)

(P.S. – in case you are wondering, the link that says “his tax plan” is really an Abbott and Costello comedy routine… just in case you’re wondering. His tax plan is posted on His site. I think you can find it without my help…)

Book Publishers for Obama – Politically Indoctrinating your Children One Textbook At a Time

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Since when is it ethical for a school book publisher to indoctrinate children for political purposes?

Obama Textbook Title Page - "Out of Many - One"

Check out this blog out of Wisconsin –

Racine, WI Schools LOVE Obama… Blog post link

A Racine mother wrote in with information about a textbook that was the required reading in her son’s 8th grade advanced literature class… which contained 15 pages all about Barack Obama and his “life of service”, while not one page was devoted to John McCain and the fact that he risked his very life fighting for our country and spent years in a prison camp at the hands of torturous enemies bent on destroying us. Not one page was devoted to McCain’s 26 years in the U.S. Senate, not one page was devoted to President Bush or the fact that Al Quaeda is now scattered and on the run due to his war on terror.

If you follow the links in the blog post, you’ll see that the publisher is a pretty devoted Obama lackey, as evidenced by the frequent use if his checkbook to pour funds into Obama’s campaign machine.


Yes, We Can.