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(CNBC Video Link) Rep. Brad Sherman Talks With Larry Kudlow About Foreign Investor Bailout Provisions

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Sept 30 Video of an interview with Rep. Brad Sherman (Click Here) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc).

In the video, Sherman tells Kudlow that with the present form of the bill, Foreign investors will also receive a bailout due to some creative accounting techniques… all on the U.S. Taxpayers dime. He also says that Paulson is insisting on leaving in the Golden Parachutes for the CEOS of the failing banks… and that the bill also gives no real limits to Paulson’s power.

The FDIC insurance limit is also raised to $250,000 which is probably a good thing (Kudlow thinks so) since the amount has not been changed for many, many years.

What to do?? CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE and let them know they will LOOSE THEIR JOBS if they vote for a bill that bails out foreign investors outside the U.S. as well as foreign investors headquartered in the U.S… and that they’d better reign in Paulson Almighty…


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  1. You are so right!!! And… Ahhh… If you think this is the bailout’s end, think again. The pigs will return to the trough time after time. The scare tactics that the media has used to collaborate with DC is surpressing opposition. Look for the Wall Street Welfare program to be expanded to many areas, as Commie Obamie made clear in his speech today. Can you say 2 trillion before they’re through. See my blog for combat tools.


    October 1, 2008 at 3:09 pm

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