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Race Based Voting – So, WHY are you voting for (insert candidates name here)?

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Since I started caring enough about my country to vote, which was when Reagan ran for president, I’ve always assumed that when you pick your candidate that you pick him or her based on their positions on the issues. It never entered my mind to vote for someone because they were white or black or hispanic – or whatever.

I’ve heard the insinuations of voting based on race on all the talk shows and on TV, and I guess I’m more naive than I thought I was, but I like to give more credit to people than that… you know, the notion that anyone would vote for a person based on the color of their skin rather than the political positions they take on the issues – it’s just ludicrous.

Now I don’t normally listen to Howard Stern – my sensitive nature just can’t take all those F-bombs and filthy innuendo – so naturally when I heard a You Tube audio clip from a Howard Stern show yesterday, I was in total shock. Not because of the filthy language, but because of the implications of how many people may actually be voting based on race.

After the clip, I literally had trouble breathing so profound was my dismay. I never would have believed it had I not heard it…

And now – the clip. Get your inhalers and oxygen tanks out if you’ve got them. You’re going to need them in about half a minute.

See what I mean? C’Mon people… get a clue!


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