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REPORT: Non-English Speaking “Voters” in Tennessee can only say One English Word: Obama. No ID Needed…

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(This report is incomplete as of 10-17-08)

There are now reports of suspicious voting activity (possible fraudulent) going on in some counties in the Nashville, Tennessee (Davidson County and Williamson County areas). The reports are that busloads of non-English speaking people are being taken to polls around Davidson County and poll workers are allegedly not asking for the required Tennessee ID.

The law in Tennessee for someone to come in and vote says:

You must show a valid ID to vote.

A voter must ask for assistance to get assistance in the voting booth. Their “assistant” CANNOT ask for them.

The assistant is ONLY allowed to assist a blind, physically disabled, or illiterate.
Voters are NOT allowed to ask for a translator.

To ask for assistance, the voter must be able to ask for it in English himself and he must be DISABLED.

Once all these requirements have been met, a voter may take an assistant with them into the voting booth. The voter must be the one to push the buttons unless they are physically incapable of doing so.

The law is in place for the protection of the voter, otherwise someone could coerce or bribe a non-English speaking person to vote in a partisan manner.

Apparently, the voters in question cannot even ask for help in English, indicating a possible illegal status. The poll workers are allegedly NOT asking for their ID’s for verification of their eligibility to vote. And the “assistants” are telling the poll workers FOR the person voting that they need help.

If the reports are true, then federal election law is being broken at this time at the polls…

It was not reported who was taking the “voters” to the polls.

If they are not asking for ID’s from the voter, then this may indicate that the voter could be in this country illegally.

In my county (just south of where this is happening), or at least in my precinct, this would never be allowed. I know – I work the polls during elections in my precinct. I know if it does this year, I’m definitely going to be doing some shouting about it to someone…

One person called in to a local talk show and said when he was working the poll one year a woman became very indignant with them when they wouldn’t allow her to vote for her sister, who was comatose at the time… the woman threatened to “call their superiors”, and so they handed her a piece of paper with the number on it and said, “Please, be our guest.” (Maybe she moved to Ohio after that… it’s easier to vote for your comatose sister there.)


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