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Anderson Cooper: “I was WRONG…” to not challenge Shirley Sherrod for calling Andrew Breitbart a racist

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In a pleasantly surprising admission, Anderson Cooper has stated he was wrong to not question Shirley Sherrod’s smearing of Big Government’s website founder, Andrew Breitbart.

Mea Culpa 360: CNN Anchor Says He Was Wrong to Let Shirley Sherrod Smear Andrew Breitbart Unchallenged

Big Government posted the edited video of Sherrod’s speech, which was sent to them already edited. They had no way to check the whole speech – though even the edited version included Sherrod’s revelation of her ‘lesson learned’ moment where she realized ‘it was not about black and white”. The full video was in the possession of the NAACP for months prior to it’s posting on Big Government, yet they never bothered to watch it to see the full context of Sherrod’s story. Even Chris Matthews (who was the first to defend Breitbart) admitted the Big Government post of Ms. Sherrod’s speech included her admitting her change of heart.

And what does Sherrod have to say while being interviewed by Anderson Cooper? (watch from about 2:00 on the video):

Shirley Sherrod Goes After Breitbart on AC360

“…I think he’d like to get us stuck back in the times of slavery, that’s where I think he’d like to see all black people end up again… I think he’s so vicious…”

Anderson asks her, “You think he’s racist?”

“Yes I DO, that’s why I think he’s so vicious against a black president, you know. He would go after me, I don’t think it was even the NAACP he was totally after, I think he was after a black president.”

(REALLY? How interesting that you would say that, Ms. Sherrod. Does that mean that everyone who is white and disagrees with a black person is racist?)

The fact is that Breitbart received the tape pre-edited. This tape had Sherrod making a speech to a group at an NAACP event, talking about how she held back the ‘full force” of what she could do for him – simply because he was white. Her reasons, as was later revealed in the subsequent full length video later posted by the NAACP, were that her father had been murdered by a white farmer, who was not convicted by an all white jury. I don’t know the circumstances of the man’s death, but I can understand why she might have ill feelings toward whites.

Sherrod did spell out the lesson she learned during her experience with the white farmer she had been assigned to help, but has she really gotten past ‘the black-white thing’? I don’t believe she has. Many, many both black and white people in this nation also have not gotten past it. Just listen to the laughter of the crowd Sherrod is speaking to when she admits she wasn’t giving a white farmer all the help she could have… they laugh. It was funny to them, I guess. Comeuppance. Sweet revenge. Turn about is fair play. Poetic justice.

Or reverse racial discrimination.

The reason there are still such tender sensibilities regarding race in this nation is that we still have not implemented in our own hearts and conversation the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. who in his famous speech talked about how he dreamed one day his children would be judged on the content of their character instead of the color of their skin. This is a biblical and reasonable premise that has been left out of the public discourse almost altogether.

Another is the concept of forgiveness – not the kind where someone catches you in a faux pas or perhaps you even insult someone purposefully and you have to apologize publicly and they talk about whether you really meant it on the talk shows and cable news, who incidentally who once they start talking about go on and on and on and on… but the genuine kind of forgiveness. You know – where you ask for forgiveness and the person you’ve offended forgives you. Period.

And so on that note, Anderson, you’re forgiven, and your willingness to humble yourself to apologize is appreciated and refreshing. Now let’s move on.


Written by sensibleviews

July 30, 2010 at 9:03 pm

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