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Blatant anti-semitic remarks at 9-11 Mosque counter protest protected by crowd – Citizen Reporter who called attention to the remark attacked and ejected

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At a 9-11 mosque counter-protest, several speakers called for support of the mosque as an expression of the Constitutionally protected freedom of religion, and passionately urged an end to racism against Arab Americans and other ethnic groups that might practice Islam. But why the counter protestors didn’t throw the racist in their midst out, but instead tried to eject a citizen reporter who was filming the speakers seems confusing to me.

During a speech by a Pakistani ‘counter protestor’, he objects to those in opposition to 9-11 mosque, saying this was not a time to be supporting “zionist jewish Israel”.

When the reporter properly called attention to the man’s revealingly blatant anti-semitic remark (3:55), another man sympathetic to the man’s anti-semitism cursed at the reporter, saying, “F*ck you. Go F*ck yourself” etc. then he grabbed at and hit the reporter’s camera while trying to strike the reporter.

When the reporter tried to defend himself, the crowd turned on him, apparently ready to protect the hostile anti-semite rather than find out what actually happened. I think perhaps some true colors are shining through.

The action begins to take place from about the 3:55 mark and then it just deteriorates from that point in the video.

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