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Don’t Stingray Me, Bro?

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Constitutional violation issues are being raised on a technology which can be used by law enforcement to find the whereabouts of, well, pretty much anyone carrying a cell phone.

Stingray is a device which has the capability to track the location of someone’s cell phone even when the cell phone is not in use to make a call.

If used properly, this technology could go a long way to defend our country at home or bring criminals to justice… The problem is that some law enforcement officers believe they don’t need a warrant to use it.

The sensible view would be that if anyone is going to ‘break into’ ANY of my personal property (even if it just my cell phone), they better have a warrant. AND probable cause to believe I am committing some sort of crime.

You be the judge:

‘Stingray’ Phone Tracker Fuels Constitutional Clash

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