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‘OnStar’ May STILL Be Tracking You…

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If you own a newer vehicle you may have included an ‘OnStar’ service. Good for you (if you can afford it in this economy). It’s one of the many cool gadgets and services that are all the rage in a tech savvy world.

But what happens when you decide you don’t want that extra bill to pay? Well, just try and unsubscribe… but don’t count on them quitting their surveillance of your whereabouts. There’s just too much money in it for them to keep track of you.

According to OnStar’s TOS (Terms Of Service), you must actually personally contact OnStar to opt out of their tracking ‘service’, because even if you have stopped paying their bill, they continue to track your actions in your vehicle and share that information with ‘third parties’.

If OnStar were a boyfriend, wouldn’t that qualify as stalking?

To find out more, check out this great article:

OnStar Is Watching (Even After Your Subscription Expires)


Written by sensibleviews

September 25, 2011 at 11:56 am

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