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Pat Caddell EVISCERATES the Modern Press as Democrat operatives

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Drop what you’re doing. You MUST watch this video RIGHT NOW, before you watch any news today, and you must remember it as you are watching any news in the future…

I haven’t posted in so long because I was beginning to feel like it was a useless effort. Oh, I’ve reblogged a few things, but for the most part I haven’t bothered to write anything because in my mind it was a waste of time.

This video will NOT be a waste of your time. I promise. It was posted on You Tube back in September, 2012 just before the election. I so wish more people had taken heed of his alarm, because it’s only gotten worse since then. Everything he says is even more relevant now in 2015, and it will continue to be relevant until the American people put their (collective) foot down and say NO MORE.

Pat Caddell Says: Media Have Become an “Enemy of the American people”


MUST SEE: Leftist Filmmaker Exposes Horrific Truth Of Radical Islam In Brilliant Quick Summary

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 I am quite familiar with the Murfreesboro, TN mosque issue since I live in the Middle Tennessee area and have many friends in the city of Murfreesboro. Really not such a ‘small town” as noted in the article – but a town of around 100,000 with the largest state university in Tennessee located near it’s center… and just a few blocks away from the proposed Mosque site. Walking distance, really.

So, I am pretty sure that waiting for other muslims to drive on out to Murfreesboro to attend their worship times isn’t the only agenda on the Imam’s mind… but all that fresh, young brain material they’d like to wash with their islamic propaganda. Can you say missions field? I knew you could!

Now, if only others in the ‘industry’ could begin to see the light…

Can You REALLY Get Paid to Protest on Wall Street? Yes, You Can!

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The term astroturf when referring to the recent rise of the Tea Party was coined by (at the time) Senate Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi. It was meant to demean the movement of patriotic, Constitution-loving citizens who were demanding that Congress rein in spending and vote against what amounted to the massive government take-over of the U.S. private health care system.

Of course, Pelosi’s definition didn’t hold water as all across the nation small groups of dads, moms, grandparents, and young adults of all different ethnic backgrounds, religious persuasions, and political sympathies gathered together in unity to put legislators feet to the fire with the Constitution and love for their country and freedom backing them up.

For this, Tea Party supporters were castigated by the liberal media outlets – called all sorts of  names, including names which referred to perverted sexual practices.

But what is fueling the current Occupy Wall Street protests? Those same media outlets might have you believe this is a spontaneous movement, gushing something like “Now THIS is democracy at work!”…

Is it really? Then why do many of these protestors get paid to do it?

Yes, you too can get paid to protest those greedy, mean, rich people who work to make a living… as advertised on Craigslist.

Below is a screen grab of the ad placed by the Working Families Party, a far left political party which is well-known to be heavily funded by big labor union organizations.  Again we have unions trying to use their considerable political muscle – and now they are paying willing young people to help them. For a price.

It’s also basically ACORN 2.0, run by many of ACORN’s former employees.


Communist Cult Leader Frances Fox-Piven Leads Wall Street Robots in Senseless Chant of Opposition

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I knew it was only a matter of time before some communist “educator” like Frances Fox-Piven showed up at the Wall Street protests, but I never imagined the level of brainwashing her followers would display for all the world to see. Take a look at this very telling video – do they even have a mind of their own?

Repeat after me…

Uh… WOW. That is creepy on so many levels.

Blatant anti-semitic remarks at 9-11 Mosque counter protest protected by crowd – Citizen Reporter who called attention to the remark attacked and ejected

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At a 9-11 mosque counter-protest, several speakers called for support of the mosque as an expression of the Constitutionally protected freedom of religion, and passionately urged an end to racism against Arab Americans and other ethnic groups that might practice Islam. But why the counter protestors didn’t throw the racist in their midst out, but instead tried to eject a citizen reporter who was filming the speakers seems confusing to me.

During a speech by a Pakistani ‘counter protestor’, he objects to those in opposition to 9-11 mosque, saying this was not a time to be supporting “zionist jewish Israel”.

When the reporter properly called attention to the man’s revealingly blatant anti-semitic remark (3:55), another man sympathetic to the man’s anti-semitism cursed at the reporter, saying, “F*ck you. Go F*ck yourself” etc. then he grabbed at and hit the reporter’s camera while trying to strike the reporter.

When the reporter tried to defend himself, the crowd turned on him, apparently ready to protect the hostile anti-semite rather than find out what actually happened. I think perhaps some true colors are shining through.

The action begins to take place from about the 3:55 mark and then it just deteriorates from that point in the video.

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Anti-Semitic Incident at Ground Zero Mosque Counter Protest

Is Kagan Congress’ LEAST favorite SC appointee in history? Almost.

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Elena KaganOn Saturday, August 7th, 2010, in the midst of the Dog Days of Summer, Elena Kagan will be sworn in as the next justice of the SCOTUS, and one of three woman concurrently serving on what has historically been a court dominated by men. A momentous occasion to say the least, and one that Barack Obama is no doubt proud of.

But is there another historic (and a bit embarrassing) aspect to this particular appointment that a lot of people know about? Why, yes. Yes there is.

Only ONE Supreme Court appointee before her has been less popular with the Congress voting on their appointment.

Check this out: Kagan Corollary: Victory for Judicial Restraint and Bring on 2012

Maybe not such a thrilling appointment for the dems after all, is it Chris Matthews?

Written by sensibleviews

August 6, 2010 at 12:35 pm

Does Hamas have a cell in YOUR city?

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Most people think Hamas is the group in charge of the of the Palestinian government, but did you know they’ve got sleeper cells in at least 40 states?

When the general public thinks of illegal immigration, they don’t realize that undocumented Mexican nationals are not the only ones sneaking across the border or coming for a visit.. and then never leaving. It gives the term “Melting Pot” new meaning these days.

Take a listen to Bridgette Gabriel as she names some American cities in which Hamas is known to operate:

You can listen to the entire speech (6 parts) in this playlist on You Tube:
Islam In America

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