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The Republican Establishment’s 20-Year War On Conservatives

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… and the war rages on.

Mississippi Conservative Daily

By Ryan S. Walters

It began on a snowy night in New Hampshire. The first-in-the-nation primary. February 20, 1996. The story’s origins, though, began exactly four years earlier in that same frigid state.pat

In 1992, Patrick J. Buchanan, a popular conservative television commentator who had served as a longtime aide to Richard Nixon, took on the sitting President of the United States in the primaries that year.

Party insiders considered his candidacy little more than a joke. But his 38 percent showing in the ’92 New Hampshire primary stunned the political world, and although he won no contests that primary season, he did garner over three million popular votes and forced President George H. W. Bush to shift his rhetoric and his message to the right.

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Kauai, the chemical companies, and the little island that could

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If you’re concerned with the power Monsanto wields, check this out!

GaryHooser's Blog

This is probably the best, most comprehensive summary of the origins and present status of the Bill 2491 saga. If you are curious about who I am, why/how Bill 2491 came about and how the chemical companies are fighting us on Kauai then watch this video and share with your friends who also might be interested.

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Why Liberty Dies

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To truly have liberty, you must first understand what it is… and how to keep it. Read. Learn. Practice. Pass it down.

Dr. Robert Owens Chronicles the History of the Future

To understand why liberty is imperiled in our country today we must first state clearly and unequivocally what is liberty.  Then and only then can we understand what is necessary for its preservation as well as see what is undermining it today.  Liberty is the absence of coercion and the freedom to act upon your own will within the perimeters of not infringing the freedom of action of others.  The only way that has been found among the societies of man to ensure, promote and protect liberty is through the rule of law.

The rule of law means that government is not allowed to coerce an individual except through the enforcement of a previously known and explicitly stated principle of limited government.  This principle places a limit upon the power of government to legislate by calling into question what sorts of laws are legitimate and which is not.  This looks…

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MUST SEE: Leftist Filmmaker Exposes Horrific Truth Of Radical Islam In Brilliant Quick Summary

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 I am quite familiar with the Murfreesboro, TN mosque issue since I live in the Middle Tennessee area and have many friends in the city of Murfreesboro. Really not such a ‘small town” as noted in the article – but a town of around 100,000 with the largest state university in Tennessee located near it’s center… and just a few blocks away from the proposed Mosque site. Walking distance, really.

So, I am pretty sure that waiting for other muslims to drive on out to Murfreesboro to attend their worship times isn’t the only agenda on the Imam’s mind… but all that fresh, young brain material they’d like to wash with their islamic propaganda. Can you say missions field? I knew you could!

Now, if only others in the ‘industry’ could begin to see the light…

BREAKING: President Obama Invokes Executive Privilege to withhold Fast and Furious Documents From Congress. Seriously.

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BREAKING: President Obama Invokes Executive Privilege to withhold Fast and Furious Documents From Congress.


HUNDREDS of Mexican citizens and at least one U.S. Border agent dead, and Eric Holder knows the details, and everyone (the public, or at least the ones who have been TOLD about it from their trusty reporters) wants to know why, but the current administration is hiding the documents from the public. Right before an election.

Question: WIll the liberal main stream media FINALLY get the clue and start asking the tough questions instead of fawning all over him like he’s a rock star?

Nixon also invoked Executive Privilege to withhold the audio tapes from evidence during the Watergate investigation, as did Clinton, at least 14 times during his terms in office. Not to be excluded, the Bush administration also invoked this privilege only 6 times, though the treatment of these incidents were numbered out individually in detail for several long paragraphs by the Wikipedia, while the Clinton administration’s use of the privilege was relegated to a mere four or five sentences.

I trust the update today in this wiki section ( about the Obama administration’s invocation will be expanded to include the details of the Fast and Furious operation and the hundreds of lives that were sacrificed because of it.

Helpful Links:

Flashback 2007: Obama attacked trying “To Hide Behind Executive Privilege”…

Holder Doesn’t Know How Many Mexican Citizens Have Been Killed By Fast & Furious Weapons…

Can You REALLY Get Paid to Protest on Wall Street? Yes, You Can!

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The term astroturf when referring to the recent rise of the Tea Party was coined by (at the time) Senate Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi. It was meant to demean the movement of patriotic, Constitution-loving citizens who were demanding that Congress rein in spending and vote against what amounted to the massive government take-over of the U.S. private health care system.

Of course, Pelosi’s definition didn’t hold water as all across the nation small groups of dads, moms, grandparents, and young adults of all different ethnic backgrounds, religious persuasions, and political sympathies gathered together in unity to put legislators feet to the fire with the Constitution and love for their country and freedom backing them up.

For this, Tea Party supporters were castigated by the liberal media outlets – called all sorts of  names, including names which referred to perverted sexual practices.

But what is fueling the current Occupy Wall Street protests? Those same media outlets might have you believe this is a spontaneous movement, gushing something like “Now THIS is democracy at work!”…

Is it really? Then why do many of these protestors get paid to do it?

Yes, you too can get paid to protest those greedy, mean, rich people who work to make a living… as advertised on Craigslist.

Below is a screen grab of the ad placed by the Working Families Party, a far left political party which is well-known to be heavily funded by big labor union organizations.  Again we have unions trying to use their considerable political muscle – and now they are paying willing young people to help them. For a price.

It’s also basically ACORN 2.0, run by many of ACORN’s former employees.


Van Jones leading chant at Occupy Wall Street Protest

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Former Obama Administration Green Czar Van Jones was video taped recently leading a group of “Occupy Wall Street” protestors in a little chant. Not surprising considering other noted communist idols such as Frances Fox-Piven have also shown up to egg the protestors on in their efforts to annoy New Yorkers and damage the environment in the immediate vicinity.

I cannot imagine that the administration of the President of the United States would not have done a background check on anyone being considered for a job at the White House. Van Jones’ open communism has never really been a secret except with the Obama worshiping mainstream media.

They know Obama’s time is short in the White House. That is why they are doing this now. Looking at the timing of the vote to enact a surtax on the rich it’s not hard to put two and two together to know that the White House is in lockstep with the protestors and their leader’s plans to push the government further into socialism.

So, all that said… here he is. Van Jones in all his glory.

Self-described communist and former Obama White House Green Czar Van Jones