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Former Planned Parenthood Insider, Abby Johnson, Testifies of Fetal Parts Harvesting and How Much It Profits Every Planned Parenthood Clinic

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In her personal blog, Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director, recounts how she participated in fetal organ/tissue harvesting and how the money really adds up BIG for Planned Parenthood.

When I Harvested Baby Body Parts – Abby Johnson

For more information on Abby’s current ministry to helping the workers at Planned Parenthood find new jobs, check out her website – And Then There Were None


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September 25, 2015 at 1:50 am

The Pending Implosion of Planned Parenthood (Hopefully) – Finally Dealing with the Abortion Giant Everyone Thought Was Too Big to Fall

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…Because the headlines would be a disaster.

(meme creator unknown)

(meme creator unknown)

The damning undercover videos keep coming out one after another after another after another, exposing some pretty seedy insider secrets of the lumbering abortion giant, Planned Parenthood.

This week video #10 was published, and if there was any doubt before what was really going on under the table, so-to-speak, and that the trade of organs and tissues was a profitable one for Planned Parenthood (which, btw, is against federal law), there isn’t now. At least, to anyone with the ability to exercise their critical thinking skills.

Federal law plainly states, (a)Purchase of tissue – It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly acquire, receive, or otherwise transfer any human fetal tissue for valuable consideration…”  42 U.S. Code 289G-2.

Representatives from big within the organization basically admitted that their sale of fetal child organs and tissues (Gonads! OMG the Gonads!) IS PROFITABLE, and that it goes on in a very discreet manner – everything done in carefully timed conversations with nothing written down, figuring out how to skirt the law, no official policy written down – as one representative said, “That’s all by design”, and another admitted, “It would be a… PR issue” should the information get out to the public, and another speaking the dreaded prophecy that, “… the headlines would be a disaster.”

No Kidding. Ya think?

The progressive left is in full conniption mode if I’ve ever seen them in one – bloggers and commenters claiming that the videos were proven faked (by who?) and doctored and whatnot and those horrible “tea baggers” are trying to take us back to the 1950’s and take away women’s rights and that Republicans must just hate women… ad hominem ad nauseam.

Faked? Really? In journalism that’s what normal people call editing for continuity and for brevity. In what world can any investigative reporter bring a full length, uncut film into a television news network and have them show all 100 hours or however many hours the original, uncut video segments are?  You know, so we don’t have to hear the investigator’s pants rubbing at the thighs as he is walking down the hall or going to the restroom to pee and whatnot. We also don’t have to hear a lot of conversation that is not relevant to the subject matter. All that being said, even the firm hired by Planned Parenthood (which also happens to be the Democratic opposition research firm, Fusion GPS… eh-hem) stated that there was no “widespread evidence of substantive video manipulation.” In other words… THE VIDEOS WEREN’T FAKED. Sooooooo…

The hypocrisy of the progressive left – who usually start riots or wipe their butts with the American Flag when big corporations and banks break the law – have the audacity to come to the defense of these profiteers of human flesh. It’s just so macabre. I’d like to think that it’s just a movie and I’ll be able to go to the box office to get my money back after the credits start to roll, but this is real, and I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around such an immense, slime-filled, alligator infested moat of cognitive dissonance and vitriol.

Thankfully this legislation (HR 3134) will hopefully put the kibosh on these under-the-public-radar dealings has been put to a vote in the House and passed with bipartisan approval. Hopefully the Senate will follow suit. However, HR 3134 only FREEZES funding for Planned Parenthood for one year. It doesn’t defund it permanently, which (in my opinion) is a grave mistake. There is no incentive for this heinous practice to stop permanently, either. If an entity as big as Planned Parenthood could keep up the illegal sale of human body parts for what some are estimating to be 15 years, what makes anyone think they can permanently stop them by taking a little funding away for a year?

Do the People’s representatives in Washington at LEAST have the human decency to look at the video evidence – blatant evidence of illegal activity in the trade of actual human flesh, as well as some of the most horrendous and callous acts violence against our most innocent and helpless that are implied on those videos – and actually DO something about it this time? Like, oh… I don’t know… PROSECUTE THEM?

We will see.




How Sarah Palin Can Win The Veep Debate

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I hesitate to suggest that Sarah Palin could do anything else to win the Veep debate other than open her mouth… and let Joe Biden open his. All Gwen has to ask is when a particular president was in office or the decade when any invention vital to today’s society was initially produced for the unwashed masses. Dennis Miller stated on the O’Reilly Factor that Sarah Palin should bring a galley copy of Gwen Ifill’s new book featuring Obama’s name on the cover due to be released on Inauguration day and ask her to autograph it…

I love Dennis Miller.

I think the main issue is the affinity of democrats for their strange earmarks, their love of big, intrusive government regulations, as well as Obama’s personal voting record.

Can Biden defend Obama’s actions such as… the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA) that Obama voted against in Illinois – FOUR TIMES? (Actually he voted no three times (1)(2)(3) and present (once), but everyone knows a present vote is a no vote as either type can block legislation from being passed, but fortunately this was passed.)

Not even NARAL was against the bill, but Obama is so deep in Planned Parenthood’s and NARAL’s good ol’ boy’s club that he would vote in order to benefit them even if a piece of legislation doesn’t “threaten Roe v Wade”.

BAIPA required an abortionist to call in a second doctor to assess an infant born alive during an induced birth abortion. The federal bill was passed unanimously with every single democrat voting for it.

We are talking about protecting the rights of a live infant. Breathing, heart beating, having already been born. Whether or not a physician thinks a child can live or not, does a living infant born during an induced birth abortion not deserve to have the same basic human rights as an infant born under any other circumstances?

Apparently Obama thought that calling in another doctor to assess and possibly care for the infant would be too much of a burden on an abortionist who had just tried to kill the child and a mother who had decided to abort it. Listen to his statement regarding this during his Illinois State Senate floor argument HERE.

The CDC estimates that babies are born alive in this way about 500 times a year. When many of them could have been treated and able to live with assistance until they recover from the trauma of an attempted abortion, would it not be infanticide to NOT intervene and treat them? My friends, this is a barbaric practice and we should not tolerate it nor should we tolerate a government servant denying a human being their basic human rights.

When a federal partial birth abortion ban was imposed, abortion rights advocates sought to have the ban declared unconstitutional… despite Michelle Obama’s newsletter dated February 17th, 2004, which called PBA a “legitimate medical procedure” and also called the ban unconstitutional.

This “legitimate procedure” involved delivering a live baby feet first, and then pulling the body out until only the head remained inside the mother. The baby is moving, waiting to be born completely, when a pair of scissors is then jabbed into the small area at the base of the skull. This will cause the baby to jerk in pain, and then the scissors are spread out in order to widen the hole. A suction tube is then inserted into the baby’s skull through the hole, wherein it’s brains are unceremoniously sucked out, causing the head to collapse and the baby to die, but not before it feels the excruciating pain of scissors and suction tubes being jammed into it’s skull and it’s brains being sucked from it’s body…

In her letter (which can be seen below) she states, “The fact remains, with no provision to protect the heath of the mother, this ban on a legitimate medical procedure is clearly unconstitutional and must be overturned.”

A Partial Birth Abortion does nothing to protect or improve the health of the mother. It is just as “traumatic” as a full term birth. The only difference between a normal birth and a partial birth abortion is the condition of the baby once you are through. The only reason they suck out the brains is to avoid the annoyance of having the accidentally baby live through the procedure. What a burden that would be.

The Supreme Court apparently disagreed with Michelle’s legal determination and the ban on the barbaric PBA procedure was declared Constitutional in a 5-4 decision.

Can Biden defend Obama’s opposition to parental notification when a minor tries to obtain an abortion?

To Biden’s credit, he’s reportedly only got a 36% rating with Planned Parenthood. To pro-lifers (like me), it’s still too high.

If the American people need proof of why that man doesn’t need to be “a heartbeat away from the presidency”, then for starters, Sarah Palin can bring up Senator Biden’s voting record. And it’s a long one.

In 1973, Sen. Biden was one of five senators to vote no on the first Alaskan pipeline. (I wonder what grade Sarah was in at that time…) The final vote was in favor 80-5. Remember 1973? Do the words oil embargo mean anything to you? The Alaskan pipeline has produced many, many jobs and a rather large percentage of the gas this nation consumes… some estimates put it at around 20% or so. Can you imagine gas prices if he’d had his way?

More recently, like this session, Biden voted with his democratic party buddies 96.7% of the time… even more than his running mate, Obama (96% party-line voter) and a much larger percentage of party line voting than his opponent, Senator McCain (88.1% party-line voter). Biden also missed actually casting a vote 31.6% of the time… almost 1/3 of the votes.

Some of the votes he didn’t miss?

Vote 206: H R 810: This legislation would allow federal funding for research on stem cell lines derived from embryos that would otherwise be destroyed. Scientific research has shown that embryonic stem cells do not benefit those who are treated with them, and that adult stem cells show the most promise and results for treatment.

Vote 118: H R 4297: Extended the Bush tax cuts. Biden voted no.

One of the really great things about the Veep debates is that they can’t edit it like the interview with Charlie Gibson, where significant sections of Palin’s answers were edited out… leaving her looking like she didn’t know what she was doing… it was the biggest piece of media manipulation I’ve seen in quite a while.


You can browse the votes Congress made here:
The U.S. Congress Votes Database – The Washington Post Project.